There’s butt kissing and then there’s this…

I’m still a bit flustered.

I worked from home today.  This is something the boys love as they get cuddles (well, allowed to sit on my lap) while I sit at the laptop.  I was on a teleconference earlier with a couple of rather senior people and Charlie strolled in. 

You know that noise you make when you are getting a cats attention?  The one that sounds like you are giving kisses?  I did that.  Then realised as everyone on the teleconference went silent that I wasn’t on mute.  So now a couple of senior management at work think I am either bonkers or I couldn’t contain my love for the one who had been talking.

The only upside is that I didn’t ask Charlie if he wanted a cuddle.  Now that would have been embarrassment on a whole different level. :o)

It was his fault!

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