A Jolly Good Thing and the odd evil thing

I didn’t fall in the polyanthus this morning!  Even better, I finally got confirmation that the job I have been keeping my fingers crossed about since the start of the year is mine.  This is A Jolly Good Thing as my other job has disappeared…poof!…just like that.  So now I can keep the boys in cat biscuits.

I have a feeling that Monday mornings and polyanthus may now become a ‘thing’.  I fall in them and the week from hell is on the way, I miss them and something good will happen.  A bit like The Yellow Sweet Theory.  Because yellow sweets are wrong, bordering on evil don’t you know?  The hedgerows of Bumpkinsville are full of ones I have discarded while out cycling.  Yellow sweet evil though, is a different sort of evil to beetroot, chickpeas and tomato juice.  They are Food of the Devil and as such have their own level of wickedness….

But perhaps at this point I should stop my waffle before I scare you anymore.  All I really wanted to do was share my smile and the fact that my shoulders have dropped about three inches with the news on the job.  Hooray! :o)

Some non-evil, smiley flowers :o)

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6 Responses to A Jolly Good Thing and the odd evil thing

  1. Biker's friends' Mummy says:

    Brilliant. So pleased about your job you really deserve it. Love the photo!

  2. Simon R says:

    Congratulations! Now to Facebook you to find out what the job is…

  3. Martin says:

    Congratulations Hun, as so pleased for you, you really work hard and deserve it so much :o)

    Please save up your yellow tootie fruities and bring them to DTC once a month and I will dispose of them for you!! Or internal post them. I promise the methods I use are humane and better than dumping them in bushes.

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