Lessons learned the last few weeks

I just thought I’d share these in case they should come in useful:

  • Don’t tell the vet not to worry about getting all the poo off the cats as you can always Febreeze them when you get home.  She may not get your humour and think you actually do use air freshener to help them smell ‘cotton fresh’.
  • At the swimming pool, do make sure that you take the door on the right to the ladies toilets and showers rather than the door on the left to the men’s toilets and showers.  If you do take the left option and happen to walk in on a naked man showering, reverse quietly.  Do not say ‘oooh, you’re not a ladies toilet’ (and therefore getting his full attention) before backing out. 
  • Do not tell the above story to a couple of female colleagues in front of your easily embarrassed male boss.  Although the various shades of red that one man can turn are quite interesting. 
  • Don’t forget when you go to the toilet at work that you are at work.  Just because at home you can wander out the bathroom while still rearranging your tights and flashing your knickers, it’s not a great move to forget yourself and do it at the office.                  
  • Do smile at the lovely, very elderly lady at the pool who wears lipstick the exact same shade of pink as her hat (she is so cute!)  The memory of her winking at you every time you swim past will keep you smiling all day :o)

No reason - I just like it :o)

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2 Responses to Lessons learned the last few weeks

  1. Anna says:

    Heehee!!!!!love the picture too!!xx

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