The 1.5 hour mum

It is -4.5 degrees outside.  I have just got in from pretending to be a mum to the three children of my lovely neighbour whilst watching the Christmas lights being turned on in Bumpkinstown (very close to Bumpkinsville).  Well, we would have watched the lights being turned on had we not been at the far end of WHSmith.  (I had convinced myself that either their hands would drop off in the cold or I would loose one of them so I felt that was a warmer and safer place than outside).  Yes, we missed the event we went to see…

We did brave it outside long enough for me to demonstrate that I may be able to drive a car but I am completely incompetent when it comes to pushing buggies.  As a result, a lot of the population of Bumpkinstown can expect sore ankles tomorrow.

1.5 hours later and I have a renewed respect for all of my friends who are mums and a warm feeling in my tummy that, unlike them, I will get a lie in tomorrow :o)

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