The joys of spell check

There was a bit of a discussion today on Twitter on words that you consistently type incorrectly.  Mine is ‘the’ which always comes out ‘teh’.  It would be better to have a slightly less common word, but at least spell check is always there.

Well, kind of…we’ve all had times that spell check doesn’t help because it sees fit to change words to something your really didn’t mean at all.

My list includes:

  • When a colleague asked me to ‘review the attracted’ on an e-mail.  Sadly when I enquired who the attracted person was that I was reviewing, it turned out she had meant the ‘attached’ document.

    when dawn has not even broken on the way in ...maybe you can be forgiven the odd 'oops'

    when dawn has not even broken on the way in to work maybe you can be forgiven the odd 'oops'

  • Informing people I am a ‘little bust’.  Although accurate in every sense, this was actually supposed to inform that I was a bit busy…
  • My manager a few years back was called Satnam.  A name spell check doesn’t recognise, so instead of the sensible work e-mails I intended, I ended up frequently (accidently) writing to the extremes of either Santa or Satan…
  •  A friend told me of a mistake she had seen at a previous job.  One of her colleagues wrote to some shirt makers…only she forgot the ‘r’ in shirt.  Worse still, the word ‘counterfeit’ was also included…minus the ‘o’…!
Although it could just be distraction - this is the gorgeous view from my desk!

although it could just be distraction - this is the gorgeous view from my desk!

The last one (for now) isn’t a spell check issue…it’s more of a Pog issue.  When I get held up by a person I refer to it as being, for example, Poged, Petered, or Davided.  One of my managers is called Roger.  I didn’t think about it when I joined a meeting late and apologised that it was because I was being Rogered…  They smiled.  I nearly died of embarrassment:o)

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3 Responses to The joys of spell check

  1. Keris says:

    Ha! That’s brilliant. I have actually had mail addressed to Keris Satan :) And I frequently type “busty” when I mean “busy”.

  2. My Daily Meeting Reading says:

    More amazing photos thank you.

    I used to like reading the service alerts we send to customers. My all time favourite was titled “Swedish Monkey Markets are not updating owning to an issue at….”

    That was a bad day for the worlds economy.

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