A small un-fatness plan update

Well, the un-fatness plan has started.  This morning I was in the changing rooms of the local pool wondering:

1) how to get out (thank goodness for Little Sister 1) and

2) why I hadn’t checked the size of my towel when I had extracted it from the depths of the airing cupboard (it turned out I had selected a hand towel and had to make serious decisions over which small part of me it was going to cover on the walk to the side of the pool.)

It turns out that 3000 miles of cycling does not prepare you for 50 lengths of swimming, especially the part where you drink your daily quota of water (with a dash of chlorine) in 40 minutes.  I ached within 10 lengths and I still hurt now.  The un-fatness plan continues though with a spot of pole dancing tomorrow night and another morning swim on Friday.  If I can move at the weekend I’ll try to get on the bike, but no promises at this stage!

Thank you to Little Sister 1 who is essential to the un-fatness plan, particularly in relation to finding changing room exits. (Little Sister 2 is also great, but mainly at sneaking me nice food when Little Sister 1 isn’t looking!):o)

Apparently if I am not going to use the bike, Charlie is...

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2 Responses to A small un-fatness plan update

  1. Anna says:

    I really hope number 2 is NOT ruining number 1’s plans!!!!!!xx

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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