The mysteries of teenage boys laundry

Well hello there!

It’s been a while (again!).  I was going to do a ‘this is where I am and why I’ve not posted for a while’ update, but thought I’d just get back to it…and try to stick to it (again).

So I thought I’d share my mystery of the week for you.  Laundry.  Specifically teenage boy laundry.

I washed everything in their laundry basket and ours yesterday.  It would have been the clothes they wore on Saturday (Friday had already been done and they went back to their Mums on Sunday).  I folded it all up after to discover:

  • Two pairs of tracksuit bottoms
  • One t-shirt
  • One pair of boxers
  • Five socks (one pair, three randoms)

I have questions.  But the key one is how many years does it take for boys to understand the rule of : ‘if it goes on your bits, pits or feet it goes in the wash’?  Because seriously, there is only so many times you can have that conversation….surely?


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