A little teasing can go a long way

Acceptable things to tease about in this house:

  • That Brighton football team are rubbish regardless of how well they are actually  (me to Smaller boy, who might just be their biggest fan)
  • That Bigger boy has no common sense, despite being incredibly intelligent (me to him, which he totally accepts)
  • And that I am terrible – and I mean really terrible –  when it comes to numbers (despite getting a B at GCSE, which just goes to prove that those exams don’t actually mean very much in the grand scheme of things).

Anyway, over the last few years in particular, the boys sense of humour has really developed.  Smaller boy still gets infuriated 90% of the time when I tease him about his team, but every so often he realises what I am doing and comes back with a funny.  Bigger boy though, has the ability to really make me laugh.  This weekend was one I want to remember, so…

Himself was at the bottom of the garden with Bigger boy making fire for the last barbecue of the year.  I was in the kitchen making the million extra bits that are required in these circumstances.  Bigger boy walked in with a load of empty bowls.

Him: ‘I’ve bought these up now so when the food is ready Dad and I can carry it all in one go’.

Me: ‘Great!  That’s very organised, well done!’

Him: ‘I know.  I used some common sense there. It was entirely my idea too.’  <Pause>  ‘Oh God…do you think I am turning into you?’

Me: ‘Would that be so terrible, Bigger boy?’ <Grinning, thinking it actually probably would>.

Him: ‘Well, yes, kind of.’

Me: ‘A-hem! Why?’

Him: ‘Because I’m starting college tomorrow and…you’re terrible at maths!’

(He’s doing computer science and double maths a-level)

He ran back out the back door sniggering while I laughed.  A lot.  We’ve come a long way from the boy who used to refuse to make eye contact with me.  Thank God.


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