40 years ago…

…I was sitting  – age five, nearly six – in a school music lesson when I saw my Dad run up the school drive.  I must have caught his attention somehow and he burst into the lesson to tell me I had two sisters – twin sisters!  It was The Best Day EVER.

He rushed off again and Miss Holland –  our music teacher – told the class off for making so much noise.  I was cross with her – didn’t she realise what an important day this was?

I’m not sure I did actually.

My sisters have always, always been able to make me smile and laugh…






































…even today.  I met them for a 40th birthday brunch to find them wearing 40th badges, sashes, crowns and tiaras.  And when I gave them the fairy wings I bought them to fulfil a fairy wing need that they had recently discovered, they put them on too.  And left them on as we ate, chatted and wandered around the nearby shops; of course they did.

And I fully expect them to be doing exactly the same when we celebrate their 80’s.

Happy birthday, Sister 1 and Sister 2.  Thank you for being the sunbeams in our family and for all the tears (of laughter).  The last forty years would have been very boring without you both :o)


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