The spots didn’t change after all…

Himself has gone on holiday.

I lived on my own for years and I was going to say ‘without incident’ but as I walked Percy just now, I realised that The Pog Blog came about due to the sheer number of incidents, and when I got all growed up and moved in with Himself the incidents seemed to disappear – or at least morphed into the ‘joys’ of learning to be a step Mum, then hypnotherapy-ing, then…well, life.

So Himself left a little over twenty four hours ago and so far I’ve broken my one decent grown up vase, smashed a plate and caused a small fire with flames and everything in the kitchen.  There has also been an incident with a dead pheasant, but I’ll save that for another day.

He’s away until Sunday.  It’s anyones guess how much house will still be standing by then and if the fur balls or I will make it through.  It turns out that this Pog has not changed her spots after all…


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4 Responses to The spots didn’t change after all…

  1. lynnbashforth says:

    Oh Helen… I hope most of the house is still ok! Percy looks so relaxed in this photo, so he’s clearly fine :) I know you’ll be secretly enjoying a little time on your own, whilst waiting for Himself to get back – take care!! xx

    • thepogblog says:

      I don’t want to jinx it, but so far it’s still standing! It’s weird going back to being alone for a while with just Percy and Norman to chat to. Percy is taking his role of man of the house very seriously though! x

  2. john ans shirley says:

    Fingers crossed you never do!!

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