A view of lockdown from the boss of Our Towers

I’ve stopped reading the figures I was putting above. I was just putting them there for the record. And actually, they are a terrible way to start each post, so now they are at the bottom instead. Look if you like, finish before you get there if you don’t :o)

And today’s post is from the family member I’ve not thought about posting on behalf of until now, because very little has changed in his eat, sleep, sleep, sleep some more, eat, and a bit more sleep routine. But it was his birthday yesterday and a comment made me think about it. And actually things have changed for him. Now, On a Monday night instead of going out to my circuits class, I do it in the garden if it’s nice enough (the garage if it isn’t). And as this now co-insides with tea time, this family member goings in and….well, I’ve not worked out if the noises are of encouragement or derision. This is my view from the mat:

Can you see him? Sitting on top of the trellis? That’s Norman. It was his 10th birthday yesterday. He miaowed throughout the class (which was being run on the lap top on the table).

This was his view, captured by Himself:

Like I say, I’m not sure if he’s pushing me on or telling me to stop, but doing a class like this, outside, is a rather different experience for us both. I like it, but I’d really like to see the people on the screen in person.

Stay safe, lovely people. x

United Kingdom: New cases today +3,990; Total cases 191,832

Global: New cases today +76,183; Total cases 3,579,261

UK coronavirus death toll now the highest in Europe, ONS figures indicate

Global deaths pass 250,000 mark, with over 68,000 of those recorded in the US

Chancellor Rishi Sunak says 6.3 million on furlough scheme is “not a sustainable situation” and wants to ease people back to work

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1 Response to A view of lockdown from the boss of Our Towers

  1. David says:

    Hi Helen,
    I have tried to text you but I suspect that you have changed your phone number?? How are you both and excuse my aged memory but Himself’s name is ??. Many thanks for my belated card that was very thoughtful of you. Hopefully one day we will be able to meet up again.All the best, David W

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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