Weekend 6. Already.

Global confirmed cases: 3,523,121; total deaths: 247,752 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 186,599; total deaths: 28,446 (DHSC)

Government considering alternative measures for workplaces where 2m social distance not possible, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says

️Passengers and cabin crew required to wear face masks on many major airlines from this week

Public warned against all but essential journeys as municipal waste and recycling centres start to reopen around the country

At this point I really can’t decide if I want this all over or if I quite like my bubble. I think there is something in between. And based on what I’ve read over the weekend, most people seem to feel the same; that even if lockdown is lifted, going out isn’t something that many people want to do. I want to be less scared. And I want to see family and friends. And I want the garden center to open and I want to be able to go to a supermarket without queueing around the carpark only to find out social distancing goes out the window once you’re inside. But I also like the fact that I have to think really hard about what is worth spending time on. Even online shopping takes ages as so many stockists have run out of so many things – you need to consider if it’s worth an hour of time tracking something down or if actually, you can manage without. Impulsive purchases are out. Except…

…well, there is a weird thing I’ve noticed and I don’t know if its just me, but I’ve started my own version of panic buying. For example, rice has been hard to get, so now when I see rice, I buy a packet. Only one packet, but we now have an entire cupboard dedicated to various different rices and pastas. If you want variety in your carbs, Our Towers is the place to come. Except it’s not because you’re not allowed to :o( It’s not just rice and pasta either. Tomato plants were hard to get hold of. The village facebook group rung out with people trying to hunt them down. I ordered some plug plants (after an hour of online hunting), then accidentally ordered some more. Then I tried the thing people suggested on the village facebook group and planted a few slices of tomato plants. Look! It worked!

The utterly ridiculous thing about this? I don’t like tomatoes. It’s probably best I don’t shout too loud about the excitement of finding yeast in the Co-Op this morning. Because yes, I bought a packet. No, I’ve never made a loaf of bread in my adult life…

This whole situation is doing weird things to people (I assume it’s not just me).

We went for a bike ride at the weekend again. It was meant to be about 15km. It was ‘accidentally’ 30km again. The good news though is that this time I was in charge of the snacks (the bananas and water Himself packed a few weeks back did not fill me with smiles). We used to cycle to pubs for a pint. So I packed a pub snack and we sat with a view of Jack and Jill (the names of the windmills you can see just behind us on the right hand photo). That’s a better way to cycle than with a banana as a reward :o)

As you can see, the covid beard is coming along nicely completely out of control.

Meanwhile, Dads rock family have recovered well from their eye surgery and are enjoying their new home:

Sister 1 has been finding fairy feet on her travels:

And Sister 2 has been training up Little Wisp as assistant gardener (and also, look at that clematis!)

Back at Our Towers, we went for a second lockdown haircut (his again), which resulted in hair in my drink, which then had to be seived:

(we were not about to waste vodka and lemonade)

And I made my 100th face mask…and kept on going. I think I’m at around 120 now. And I’m now selling them for £6 each (filter included and washable at 60) for anyone in the UK. If you’d like one or two, let me know :o)

Stay safe, lovely people. x

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