Loosely linked to animals

Global confirmed cases: 3,274,747; total deaths: 233,792 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 171,253; total deaths: 26,771 (DHSC)

Death rates from COVID-19 in deprived areas are more than double those in affluent areas, according to ONS figures

Wearing a face mask in public remains a “personal choice”, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick says

COVID-19 patients from black African backgrounds dying at triple rate of white Britons, an Institute for Fiscal Studies study says

I took two photos today and decided that they sum up the range of lockdown moods in a day. Possibly an hour:

but between them (and my animal link), there has been no sign of squirrels at the squirrel picnic bench, but the nuts I put out were slowly going missing. I kept a watch (after the tsunami finished) and discovered that it’s George, the Magpie. And rather sweetly he only takes one at a time, sits on the garage roof to eat it, wanders off for a while and comes back later for another snack. We have things in common…

Sister 1 found a friendly deer:

And gifted the best of her rock family (I think it was also Little Pea’s) to Dad / Grandad:

Dad / Grandad broke them:

But luckily he is a part time eye surgeon and has fixed them, save a squint here and there.

And Sister 2 has been arts and crafting with animal stickers and Little Wisp, sending us gorgeous cards:

Little Wisp definitely has the family drawing gene with that rather impressive rocket…

And now it is almost the weekend, and time to find more projects (I’m sure I’ll manage) and make more face masks (68 to date).

Whatever you are doing…

….stay safe, lovely people. x

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