Interesting facts.

We had all sorts of interesting family facts shared yesterday. I mean. ‘interesting’ is all relative and do remember that we’re still on lockdown…. Boris said he’d do a big update on Thursday about ‘unlockdown’, but now he’s delaying it until Sunday, presumably to stop people making any changes earlier than planned over the bank holiday.

So anyway, back to the updates:

Mum and Dad’s clematis has gone from this to this:

Which is rather lovely. Mum and Dad love their garden and I’m so pleased they at least have that right now. People who are shielding without outside space must be struggling even more.

Then we have the accident prone Little Wisp (it’s a family gene passed through the female side, I think) who has a supply of underwater plasters which apparently makes your ouch better straight away:

(Don’t little people legs always looks so cute?). I wish I’d had them when I attempted to courgetti my thumb. The plasters, not the legs.

I’ve made and posted another 25 masks to friends and friends of friends. That takes my total to almost 150.

I was thinking about this last night – there is a whole ‘thing’ growing up around masks; a culture and various communities. As well as the groups that makes them for the front line I’m part of Mask Makers UK where people combine efforts to donate masks to groups needing them, but also swap tips on materials, filters, sewing machine needles….everything you can possibly imagine that is mask related. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about home made masks, but I am starting to feel like an expert. And while I think that there is an absolute benefit (for everyone else, if not the wearer) in using them in busier places, some people are NUTS. I mean, it’s generally agreed that a mask needs a single use or washable filter to be effective. But the man using kitchen roll, which he soaks in salt water and dries in the sun to create salt crystals as an addd layer….I think he may have too much time on his hands. But horses for courses and all that (and i think there is some evidence that backs that up, but you know….

And now for the actual interesting thing (Sorry, Sister 2). While discussing Little Wisps knees, we talked about other childhood injuries and it turns out that a while back…years back….Sister 2 stabbed Sister 1! With a pair of nail scissors. Because she was ‘a bit grumpy’ that Sister 1 wouldn’t let her cut her nails. Looking at it objectively, I think Sister 1 may have had a point – inviting someone close with a sharp implement who – it turns out can do a bit of damage when uninvited could have led to who knows what. As it is, the damage was:

No, we couldn’t see it either. But apparently there is a scar there. And it resulted in Sister 1 passed out on the kitchen floor. So there you go – small discussions via Facebook messenger do occasionally turn up some gems.

Stay safe, you lovely people. x

United Kingdom: New cases today +4,411; Total cases196,243

Global: New cases today +79,706; Total cases3,658,967

Having greater capacity for COVID-19 tests earlier in the UK would have “had benefits”, Security Minister James Brokenshire admits

At least 20,000 people infected with coronavirus entered UK before lockdown, Home Office figures indicate

Professor Neil Ferguson’s resignation as government scientific adviser after breaking lockdown rules was “right decision”, Health Secretary Matt Hancock says

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