A Pog lockdown moment and other family pictures…

Global confirmed cases: 2,081,969; total deaths: 138,487 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 103,093; total deaths: 13,729 (DHSC)

No 10 launches review into why ethnic minorities appear to be disproportionately affected by coronavirus

UK should maintain social distancing measures until vaccine is found, government advisor says

Doctors concerned at falling numbers of people coming to hospital for serious medical conditions other than COVID-19

If you used to read my blog, this post may remind you a bit of it all as it turns out even lockdown can’t stop some Pog moments.

The other day a friend posted on facebook about finding wild garlic and making pesto with it. Himself and I planned a walk via a wood where I thought there was some locally. We took a bag, found loads of it and….decided not to bother picking any for reasons I can’t fathom now. I’m making a pie tonight and thought some wild garlic in that would be rather good…only I didn’t have any. And I couldn’t pop down there in the car as you’re now only supposed to drive for ‘essential travel’. And while potentially lovely, a wild garlic requirement probably doesn’t class as essential travel.

So I decided to combine todays exercise with garlic gathering and popped on my trainers and my empty Camelbak (a small rucksack that usually holds a water reservoir and a long straw so you can drink while running or cycling without using your hands) and plodded down to the woods. I sat and picked and had a conversation with a lovely lady walking her dog who recommended the National trust cheese and wild garlic scones recipe, and then a runner who wondered to me why he hadn’t done the same…

So far, so good. I thought about how this was all pretty idyllic as I plodded back thinking what else I had to go in my pie. I decided aubergine and feta were vital but obviously I didn’t have any. And again, going out to the shops later for two items that are hardly essential is against guidelines…but it was ok, as I was plodding past Co-op and it was (just) open and there was no queue, and it wasn’t a NHS or over 70 hour, so I sidled in. And as we all do, picked up three times as much as I’d planned: two aubergines, feta, strong cheddar (those scones were bound to need that) and some tomatoes (because I meant to plant the seeds of one of the ones in the fridge, but we accidentally ate them). I paid, then realised the flaw. The Camelback was stuffed full with wild garlic. So I created a jet pack type design and had people laughing at me or commenting on my interesting training attire the whole way home. All three kilometers of it :)

The packing was pretty impressive though, right?

And it made people smile. Even if it was unintentional, as most Pog moments are…

And to the rest of the family:

Sister One sent these. There is a definite similarity between the expression of the man in the meme on the left and Monster on the right. But it turns out Sister One was actually just concerned that she didn’t know how to do her job before lockdown so there may be no hope…

And Sister Two has been baking again:

I wish I could visit.

Mum and dad have been jigsawing and reading. Not a bad view from their bedroom window though:

Stay safe, lovely people. x

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