End of week 4 (I think)

Global confirmed cases: 2,173,432; total deaths: 146,291 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 108,692; total deaths: 14,576 (DHSC)

Coronavirus testing will be extended to police, prison, fire service and council staff, Health Secretary Matt Hancock says

Face masks should be made compulsory on London public transport, according to Mayor Sadiq Khan

Payday and car loans will be frozen for people struggling with repayments, under plans from the Financial Conduct Authority

Well, we might be a little (years) behind the times, but today this happened:

This is pretty close to miraculous and my parents and I have never, ever facetimed before. For some reason they stood in their kitchen (which has a glass roof) for the duration which meant I got a great view of Kentish skies and 80% of the time could only see their outlines, but we did good. Kind of. The things this lockdown is making us do are quite impressive….

Dad also sent me some photos of spring springing in their garden as despite being the coldest, wettest day in ages, they decided that it was a good time to get a few jobs done out there.

Sister 1 also send flowers. I love white bluebells; they are like the plant world version of black sheep:

I received a gardening delivery. It wasn’t any of the things I actually ordered, but I’m grateful to whoever’s it is as I now have 3 x 75l of compost, whereas I only thought to order one, and four tomato plants – and my plug plants weren’t due until May. I hope they enjoy my bedding plants though…

And Sister two has excelled herself with Little Wisp today. Isn’t this amazing?:

Stay safe, lovely people. x

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