Global confirmed cases: 1,999,628; total deaths: 128,011 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 98,476; total deaths: 12,868 (DHSC)

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says all care home residents and staff displaying COVID-19 symptoms will be tested

HS2 rail project given greenlight to begin construction despite national lockdown

A 99-year-old war veteran raises more than £6m for NHS by walking 100 lengths of his garden

Something that definitely needs noting here so we don’t forget are the rainbows. I’m not sure what happened first: Whether rainbows became a symbol of support for the NHS or whether they started being a thing to keep children occupied inside and then outside 9counting them in windows when they go out for a walk). Either way, they are now all and everything and walking or plodding in trainers anywhere there are houses now finds us all at the beginings, ends and midddles of all sorts. Here are just a few I’ve spotted:

There is an appreciation of NHS staff that is now demonstrated every Thursday night when people stand outside their homes and clap. This is the video I took of the first one (I’m not being slapped with a wet fish at the end….it’s just Himself joining in).

This celebration is now for all classed as ‘keyworkers’; those workers critical to the response to covid-19. (The list is defined here as part of government guidance on school closures – children of single parents who are key workers of where both parents are key workers were able to remain in school as some teachers have continued to teach this group so that their parents can continue to work).

As a matter of noting it down; it’s still difficult to get online shopping slots, but I managed to get one today for the weekend. Of the things I looked for, there is still no flour, rice, oil…or Nutella (for the boys; not us, honest). It seems everyone is baking (and I assume the rice is an issues as the virus has affected India, who I imagine are the biggest rice importer for us….I may have that completely wrong though.). I’m starting to wonder if the enthusiasm for daily walks is sufficient to counter balance the significant uptake in bread and cakes…

And to finish, here’s a couple of pictures from a walk we went on last night:

There were more people out than I have ever seen before (although clearly not in these pictures!). I hope this time next year people are still out in the evening sun appreciating time outside together. I hope we are too.

Stay safe, lovely people. x

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