Easter weekend on lockdown

Global confirmed cases: 1,942,360; total deaths: 121,716 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 93,873; total deaths: 12,107 (DHSC)

ONS figures find 2,100 more coronavirus-related deaths than numbers reported by Department of Health and Social Care

COVID-19 linked to 21% of England and Wales fatalities in highest weekly death toll since records began

Extension of UK’s lockdown measures being discussed today by Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies

Boris came out of hospital at the weekend

We (Himself, the boys and me) were supposed to be in Cornwall with Himself’s parents and brother’s family. Obviously that didn’t happen. Typically, the weekend had – for the most part – gorgeous weather, so that was the weekend highlight instead.

Government guidelines are that children of separated parents can still move between the two houses, so we have the boys for the four days. I can confirm with authority that children need more than one hour of outdoor exercising a day… Between us and Sisters 1 and 2 though, we all made the most of being outside:

And there was baking making between our seperate houses:

There was creativity:

There was a reaction to Sister 1’s earlier creativity:

There were dad facts of the day:

  1. ‘One of XXX’s friends (just 2 of them in their house)bought 72 loo rolls. We found that one of ours lasted 2 weeks. With similar usage XXX’s friend has enough to last 144 weeks! Nearly 3 years. I wonder how many other people bought a similar number?’

2) Bricks behind the cars back wheels, handbrake taken off ‘‘cos I park on a slope – to prevent handbrake sticking on!’ (Mum and Dada are in the ‘shielded’ group due to age and health conditions which means 12 weeks without leaving their house / garden)

3) ‘In these trying times I concluded it would be sensible to use up the red wine which has been lurking in the larder for years. This evening I was trying to decide which of 2 bottles to open and dilute with lemonade. before I opened one I looked them up on Goggle. The cost price of one of them rather surprised me. Guess which one….’

All I can say is thank God for Google. My parents are not known for being wine connoisseurs (you may have guessed from the above ), and the only red wine they drink very occasionally is a gift. It turned out that the bottle on the right above was one very generous gift (or so old it’s become valuable in the last 20 years, which is actually entirely possible.) According to Google it’s now worth £180. Dad conforms he did not open it or mix it with lemonade (!) he also ignored the £20 bid Himself made for it :o)

He also sent a photo of the pile of books he and Mum are currently making their way through:

There are still big queues at supermarkets (Sister 1 went shopping for an elderly neighbour):

But possibly the most exciting this this weekend is the first of the lockdown haircuts! I ordered scissors on ebay and got to work in my outdoor salon (please bear in mind I have never done this before. Ever.):

I’m feeling quite proud. Slightly stunned really. The Small Boy said he preferred my haircut to the one from the barbers! I’m not mentioning the beard for now though…

And finally, with garden centers closed, I thanked my lucky stars I bought seeds a while back but wasn’t convinced they would grow. But they did! Hooray!

I can’t find tomato seeds or plants anywhere though, so my next seed experiment is to follow a facebook post that you can plant a tomato segment and get seedlings from the seeds that way. I’ll let you know about that one…

Stay safe, Lovely people. x

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2 Responses to Easter weekend on lockdown

  1. John and Shirley says:

    That’s typical, you turn out to be Vidal Sassoon, and without 50 mile long scissors you can’t help us out!

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