Slowing down the pace

Global confirmed cases: 1,503,900; total deaths: 89,931 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 65,077; total deaths: 7,978 (DHSC)

Senior government ministers to review coronavirus lockdown ahead of formal decision to extend or not next week

Police warn people to stay at home over Easter or risk fines and arrest as three-week grace period is over

NHS England report a nearly 30% drop in A&E visits in March likely to be a result of the COVID-19 response

Boris still in hospital

It feels like the world is slowing down. Maybe it’s not, maybe it’s just me. The greying of my hair and the growing of Himself’s beard certainly isn’t slowing down…just other stuff. Queuing at the local shops: that takes a while. This was the queue last week for the butchers and the deli next door. It took an hour to get to the front.

Nobody complains though. People chat while they wait (2 meters apart). It’s ok. Apparently Asda today was queuing three times around the car park (and it’s a big carpark. You can see some of the queue here (just) from a photo I took out running the other morning….it was 45 minutes before they opened to the general public (the first hour is for NHS / careworkers / over 70’s).

I’ve not been up there since this started…it feels too intimidating as apparently the queuing works well, the social distancing once inside goes out the window. I’d rather support the local shops where they know my name anyway :)

Someone said the other day that we wont remember the empty shelves we have been – and sometimes still are – faced with, so for posterity:

But more time and less busy means taking time to appreciate the blossom (Mum and Dad):

The sun on the trampoline (Rolo – Sister 2’s dog):

(he may be broken)

And Sister 1 created a fairy garden to make people smile on their daily walk. I think this is soooo lovely!

And now, because we can, because there is no commuting these days, so Himself is here rather than still in London, wondering if he’ll get back before 8pm, we’re going for a walk together. One of the weird things about all this (so I don’t forget) is that we are allowed out of our homes ones a day for exercise. It seems that now it’s restricted, everyone is making the most of the opportunity to exercise. We’ll be a healthier nation after all this. the government just ned to restrict our fruit and veg intake and people who would never usually let such things pass their lips will be craving them! ;)

Stay safe, lovely people. x

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