Run for Heroes

Global confirmed cases: 1,280,046; total deaths: 69,789 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 51,608; total deaths: 5,373 (DHSC)

I’m not usually one to participate in things I get tagged in on Facebook because…well, I just don’t. But sometimes ones come along that are worth doing. Like this one: Run for Heroes

– Run 5k

– Donate £5

– Nominate 5 people on your social media to do the same (remembering to tag us @Run.For.Heroes )

Donation link:

All proceeds are going to NHS Charities Together who’s mission statement is to support the welfare and the well-being of NHS staff as they fight COVID-19. (you can read more on the link above). Their target was to raise £5,000. They hit £50,000 this morning and have now upped the target to £100,000.

Don’t wait to be tagged. If you’re fit, well and able to get out (within guidelines) and walk / run / cycle 5km, get out there and do it, appreciating the time you have that NHS workers don’t have the luxury of right now, and pop some money in the pot. Think of it as a coffee, glass of wine or box of chocolates you’d happily give if they look after your parents, children, siblings, partner… If you’re not in the UK, find a more local effort. Or start one!

Both sisters did it and tagged me, so I did it. Twice. I didn’t add a sweaty photo as 1) that’s not a good look and 2) I was wearing shorts. Helpful hint: If you are struggling with other people sticking to social distancing where you are, wear shorts…people stayed far further than 2 meters from me :)

Meanwhile, Dad (who I need to point out is 1) obsessed with the weather and 2) only takes the temperature in direct sunshine) submitted this to show that at 4pm yesterday the temperature hit 40 degrees….in direct sunlight. Not bad for April. Lets hope this is all over soon so everyone can properly enjoy it .

Stay safe, lovely people. x

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