Weekend three which includes a public health announcement

Last week we had frosts. This weekend we started with spring and finished in summer; a gorgeous weekend for those of us lucky enough to have a garden. I feel so bad for those in flats, especially as idiots seem to be risking the ‘one hour to exercise’ by doing things as daft as having barbecues on the local beach…how stupid can you get?

Global confirmed cases: 1,237,420; total deaths: 67,260 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 47,806; total deaths: 4,934 (DHSC)

For our households though, this weekend wouldn’t have been very different if we hadn’t been on lockdown. We all got outside in the garden:

Mum and Dad wanted me to point out that they did eat those seedlings (slim pickings though!):

And Sister 2 discovered that Little Wisp thinks she is the Andrex puppy:

Little Wisp also sent me a present she had made (with her Mummy’s help) which I LOVE:

I have always wanted to be Barbara from The Good Life. Last year turned out to be a trial run when I filled the raised beds himself had built so many plants that things were either teeny or refused to grow. This year I sent a photo of seed packs to Dad (because the garden centers are now all closed, so I’m having to try to grow from seed and really channel my inner Barbara in the process) and asked for help. I now have outside seeds and inside seeds and some that are just waiting a while:

And last night I got Himself involved in sewing (!). I joined one of the many facebook groups taking requests from the NHS who are short of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This group had been approach by a surgery that is opening tomorrow that will be taking in suspected Covid cases, but hadn’t received any PPE. They needed scrubs, masks, hats, etc. Himself and I made 10 masks to help a little:

This morning part way through my run I got a message that I’d forgotten I was supposed to be having a zoom chat with friends who I was actually supposed to be (pre-covid) on a walk with. The chat replaced the walk and I didn’t want to miss out of the real thing and the virtual thing so I joined in. While running. Technology os amazing. So is the speed your run goes when you’re chatting to lovely people while you do it :). (They are usually a lot more smiley. I’m quite impressed that I managed to grab a photo when nobody looks happy!)

And finally, moving to that public health announcement: When making courgetti, this far (below left) is too far. It results in a steristrip and a plaster and still needing a dolly (do other people call them dolly’s or is it just my family?) and still bleeding through into your homemade garlic, lemon and parsley butter. (Two more plasters and one more stitch later, it’s now stopped bleeding, but my sisters and I agree that having the nerve endings at the end of your fingers and thumbs is a massive design flaw.)

And then, because it was the first lovely weekend and because Himself loves them, we had a barbecue. Norman was upset he wasn’t invited and tried to gate crash…

Despite lockdown, that was a good weekend. I just hope enough people stayed at home that it doesn’t get tighter this week. Those numbers are scary.

Stay safe, lovely people. x

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