The fur and the floof…and other adventures

There is a nature reserve at the top of our road.  90% of the runs (plods) that I have done for the last 2 years have gone through there one way or another, but I’ve probably walked up there with Himself only a handful of times.  We’ve walked up there a few times in the evenings over the last few weeks.  The sunsets and the views over the downs are amazing.

Twice a year sheep are moved in to graze and they are there at the moment.  The other night we noticed how very skinny their legs are.  Himself decided it was probably down to the significant floof they have…

I’ve always wanted skinny legs (but sadly inherited the tree trunks both my grandmothers possessed) and I have decided that over lockdown, I can follow the sheeps example.  I just need to cultivate my floof! Sadly, todays floof did not give me skinny legs (legs not shown as their is sufficient trauma around right now) but I will not give up in my efforts to be as floofy as that sheep:

Meanwhile, Himself has been cultivating his fur.  Having always been clean shaven – other than a slightly testing 10 days at Christmas -, we are now into week three of the covid beard.  I said when he started that if he did it, he had to stick to the full lockdown period thinking that 1) he wouldn’t agree to that and 2) it wouldn’t be that long.  I’m not sure which of us is now regretting it more that we both announced we wouldn’t be the first to back down (me to change the terms, him to not stick to them).  On the upside, at this rate he will have no trouble getting a second job as Father Christmas come December…

But in other far more important matters, Sister 2 has used her time to potty train Little Wisp, and to teach her to drive*. I think you’ll agree she looks like a complete pro:

* obviously that’s a joke

And Little Pea celebrated is SEVENTH birthday. Little Pea, we’ll all have fantabulous party with you after all this is over.

Mum and dad meanwhile, would like everyone to believe that this is all they have for dinner (the contents of the seed packs I got free with their provisions the other week):

Don’t believe them, they have food. But the seedlings are doing rather well, so if things do get worse, they should be ok ;)

Norman is still around by the way. He’s loving the time with us both here. He watched Himself working intently this morning and then found the best spot with me in the Hypno Hut this afternoon….

Stay safe, lovely people. x

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