Animals and loveliness (and a thumb update, which I know is what you’re really interested in…)

Global confirmed cases: 1,381,014; total deaths: 78,269 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 55,242; total deaths: 6,159 (DHSC)

Boris Johnson was admitted to hospital Sunday and transferred to intensive care last night


Today involved animals and loveliness.

But first: my thumb. You know…the one I spiralised on Sunday? Well, I realise in the big scheme of things it’s not very important, but seriously, it’s getting annoying now. I took my plaster off to let it breathe and cut it open again 1) pulling a book out the bookcase 2) breaking up feta cheese (that became mostly unusable as a result) and 3) redelivering post to the neighbours that Mr Postie decided to drop here and getting it caught in a particularly vicious letter box (now I see why Mr Postie didn’t bother…he probably drops theirs at different houses each day to save his digits).

Anyway, back to the family:

Sister 1 took mum and dad their shopping and met the (increasingly tame) Max:

Incidentally, there is a pheasant (or maybe a few pheasant making their way around Beachville. On a local facebook site people have shared photos of it in town and crossing the road (traffic stopped, apparently) to get to the seafront. That’s nothing on the welsh town that’s been taken over by goats though. There’s a few stories going around where animals have started investigating places usually too noisy for them to visit. I think it’s rather lovely.

Sister 1 also found butterflies:

While Sister 2 and Little Wisp basked in bluebells:

And Mum and Dad did the butterfly jigsaw equivalent:

While I hugely appreciated my commute this morning:

Where I was joined by my own furball:

I’ll keep you up to date on my thumb :)

Stay safe, lovely people.x

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