Week 1 in Beachville

It’s been a week.  The good news is that Norman, Himself and I seem to be managing pretty well  with our change in living arrangements.  There isn’t really any bad news, now that Norman has stopped crying.  Despite the drugs he cried from when I left at 8am last Wednesday until 4.50am on the Thursday morning.  He didn’t sleep, not even for a few minutes.  Neither did we.

The crying has now reduced to just whenever Himself leaves the house.  Yesterday he cried so much he threw up a furball.  But he’s getting there.  And so are we.  And we’ve got quite a bit done:

I spotted God on my first run down here.  I assume he was having a nap inside the van, as it was still rather early:

I’ve found a house up the road that has a happy sort of face:

I watched a procession of everything from brass bands:

To giant ducks:

I was brave enough to run with Himself.  We went to the sea front:

And had a quick stop to see the Beachville version of horses:

We’ve had blue skies and sun:

And giant slush puppy dogs:

Now he’s calmed down, Norman enjoys watching life out of the upstairs window while I work (he’s never had an upstairs one before):

And we’ve all got used to catching up in our slippers at the end of the day :o)

(It’s not all been smooth – there is a current freezer / door issue, we’ve discovered no delivery person can find the house, I still cant get the car through the gate without Himself helping, I’m terrified of taking the car out as Beachville is full of bus lanes, speed cameras, weird speed limits and one way parts, and Norman is becoming obsessed about seeing out of windows, even if that means destroying blinds to do so.  But you know, I’m being positive because mostly, it’s good :o) )

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2 Responses to Week 1 in Beachville

  1. raychole says:

    Haha that door! I love it.

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