Catch up

This last week has been busy.

Norman has taken a while to settle in at Mum and Dad’s:


But we’re pretty much there now, and with a much bigger space to work in, he can supervise more effectively:


He’s still daft though and has taken to trying to get in my glasses case:


Last weekend Himself and I went to Brighton.  We did our first run together:


And my very sturdy legs coupled with my panic meant I ram my fastest ever 10km with him:



The next day he ran the half marathon.  In 1 hour 28 minutes. Lordy.

I was chief cheer leader and carrier of snacks, and over the weekend, taker of some rather random photos:





And it was Sister 1 and Sister 2’s birthday.  They weren’t ready when I took this photo:


They tried to pose for this one, but I’m not sure that it was much of an improvement:


I was given someone’s only pack of fruit polos.  With the yellow ones removed.  That is friendship for you.


And another smile :) :


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