Enormousness of the calf variety

My sisters and I all have a bit of a weird affliction. It’s our legs; our calves to be specific. They are big. Really big. Abnormally big. We all do a fair amount of exercise too which moves them from abnormal to enormous.

Nobody really believes the extent of this enormousness when you tell them. Clearly when I mentioned it to Himself a while back, he thought I was fishing for a compliment. The only way I could convince Him I was just trying to appraise him of the facts was to do a direct comparison between our legs. The response was something like ‘Wow. You weren’t kidding. How is that even possible?!’ (Because yes: my calves are actually bigger than his.)

Anyway, yesterday I was getting dressed and noticed the clothes he had left here a few days ago. I rather liked his t-shirt so I sent him this:


The response? ‘Are you wearing my jeans too?’

I replied pointing out that while I do have very large legs, I would hope that his jeans would come up a bit bigger than a woman’s size 12, even if that woman’s size 12 has to be teased gently over the calf area so that no seams get split in the process. To make my point, I thought I would try them on:


They were tight on my calves.

Hey ho. It’s not the end of the world. At least His t-shirts fit :o)

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