It’s the thought that counts…

We all know, that when it comes to presents, it’s the thought that counts, right?  And I do appreciate that thought has gone into every present I receive, but sometimes I do wonder exactly what that thought process was…

Yesterday The Lovely Nut came to visit me.  The Lovely Nut is almost 80, very lovely and a complete nut.  She is also the mother of an ex from my dim and distant past. Her driving terrifies me so I convinced her to catch a train.  I picked her up and we had a lovely day exploring various Bumpkinsvilles and talking a lot.  She also very kindly bought me some presents.  Each was wrapped individually in a mix of pretty paper, paper napkins and elastic bands.

She often finds things she thinks I will find useful and was very impressed with her find of a pen loop (‘you can stick it inside your handbag darling, and you’ll always be able to find your pen.’). And everyone needs tissues, and they are very pretty:


It started getting slightly weird at this point:


I suppose everyone does get sore throats though, so I am sure the spray and throat sweets will come in useful.  And the same with the blister plasters.

Then it just got peculiar.  I have no idea what made her think of me when she saw these:


But you know, it is the thought that counts.  I just wish I knew what that thought had been.  Or maybe not…. :o)

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