Belated Black Cat Apprecation. Sorry Norman.

Wednesday was Black Cat Appreciation Day.  I think Norman knew; he had an air of ‘appreciate me’ about him.  Today he has an air of ‘I’m going to be a pain in the backside until you appreciate me’ about him, so yes, I am writing a post to keep what I imagine my cat thinks to keep him happy.  I have sunk that low.

So, here we have:

Norman being too lazy to actually position himself in a cat like way in his basket:


Norman having removed the wool from my bag settling in for the evening:


Norman appreciating the cat mint that he only actually appreciates if I cut it for him:


Norman with the hiccups.  I have no proof as I woke up to find him hiccup-ping on my legs in the early hours of the morning and took a photo rather than a video (I’d just woken up), but trust me he was hiccuping!


And the next one requires a bit of a story.  Norman has never been impressed with cat treats.  He’s much rather just eat the contents of my fridge.  That was until some of his lovely feline friends introduced him to some special treats that are basically freeze dried chicken.  Obviously you can only buy them one place on line and they cost a lot more than most, but to keep him happy I’ve been buying them for him for months.  This week we got a free sample of ‘Dreamies’ through the post.  I thought he wouldn’t be impressed.  I was wrong – they must contain cat cocaine – he almost ripped my hand off to get more.  I hid them on a shelf in the kitchen  next thing I knew, he’d sniffed them out and was trying to liberate them from the packet:


I had to hid them in a cupboard.  I bought a proper size pack yesterday and let him have a few before putting them back in the cupboard.  I’m not sure if the packaging looks the same to a cat or whether it was just punishment for hiding them, but after 10 minutes of hunting out the cat cocaine, Norman attacked my loaf of bread.  That’s also now in a cupboard.


Most of the time though, Norman is just very chilled out.


There you go Norman, I appreciate you.  Can you leave the bread alone tonight, please? :o)


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