A new Pog project

I have a new project (and I do love a project) and it’s all Sister 2’s fault.  She’s been doing fantabulous things with bits of sad old furniture to make them happy again and I was a bit envious.  I asked where she was finding these gems and she offered to take me.  The place is essentially a warehouse where people donate old furniture which is then sold to fund local community projects.  Some of the future is…well, you can see why people got rid of it, put it that way.  But if you look with eyes that can imagine a lick of paint and a bit of love, there are a few bits with potential.  Sister 2 seems to have bought most of those gems recently, but that was ok, because when she took me for a look round I was definitely only going to look.  As a result of my recent upholstery efforts, I’ve already had to put some of my furniture in the loft – there is absolutely no room for any more furniture in Pog Towers.

I bought a wardrobe.  But it is a gorgeous wardrobe.  And at £40, it was considerably less than a new one.  Here is Sister 2 modelling it at the warehouse:


Probably the less said the better about that.

Anyway, so that I could fit the wardrobe in, I had to get rid of my old wardrobe and a lot of my clothes as the new wardrobe has only a third of the hanging space of the old one – there’s nothing like a bit of badly thought out impulse buying.  But I did all that and today the wardrobe arrived.  And I love it.  Look:


It has shelves…


Labelled shelves:



Those two are behind the glass door, because obviously shirts and sportswear need a bit of extra care…



I gave it a quick clean earlier:


I think I’ll be giving it a few more cleans before I can start on its transformation :/

We think it might be quite old.  I wish it could talk…I bet it has more stories than the Pog Blog :o)

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4 Responses to A new Pog project

  1. notewords says:

    It has character, which is so much more important than space… ;-)

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