Pudding club!

My nearly neighbour friend is pretty much a genius. Last night a group of us decended on her house for pudding club. Nearly neighbour friend made nibbles bits of the tastiest variety and we all took a pudding. Yes, we had nibbles followed by EIGHT home made puds. We all practically exploded… :o)

I mentioned this while I was out with my running group yesterday morning and (between sounding jealous and suggesting I run a bit extra in preparation for the gazillion calories I would be eating) I was asked what I was making. As you know, I am rubbish at cooking, but can bake (sometimes) so I was going with my cake with a secret ingredient which a lovely colleague gave me the recipe for. I told them the secret ingredient and some of them asked me to post it, and pictures here. So here you go ladies.  If you want a cake with a talking point (nobody ever guesses without a bit of help) which also tastes delicious, give it a go :o)

It looks a bit orange before cooking...

It looks a bit orange before cooking…

But not too scary afterwards.

But not too scary afterwards. (Sorry, I should have got a better photo, but apparently a rule of pudding club is that you also need to drink quite a lot. And this was the last pudding we had!)

Ta dah!

Ta dah!


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3 Responses to Pudding club!

  1. 🍅~~>🍰?!!! Wow! Full marks for surprise ingredient!

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