Bees and mushrooms

This has been the loooooongest week.  Earlier on I told someone about a meeting I had ‘a few weeks back’ and looked at my notes to discover the meeting was on Wednesday.  The Wednesday that happened two days ago.

I’ve just realised that my dinner wont be quite the feast I’d hoped for as it seems when I decided  I’d have stuffed mushrooms while wandering around the supermarket a few days ago I was pretty much asleep.  What did I get to stuff my mushrooms with?  Cream cheese and….mushrooms. So I guess it’s a cheesey mushroomy night for me then, as apparently the only other things I bought are biscuits.  And even I wont stuff a mushroom with a chocolate bourbon.

But it’s not all bad.  This morning I found a very sad bee.  Well, actually, he found me – he appeared from nowhere on my notebook.  So I whipped him up a little sugary water, he had a bit of a feast (not a mushroom in sight for him), and he went home.  That feels like the biggest achievement of my week.  Other than the fact that I got through it.  Now to go and make magic with those mushrooms :o)


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