I’ve had three presents this week!  And it’s not even my birthday…

The manager of our team gave me this:


He’s a worry eater called Biff.  You write down your worry, unzip his mouth, put your worry in and he eats it so you don’t need to worry anymore.  Isn’t he great?  He is for all my worries about the upcoming trip, but I was told that afterwards I can use him for work.  I’m not sure which will give him more indigestion…  The boss lady knows me well.

And this evening, Sister 1 popped over with Little Pea to give me this for my plane journey.  All the toiletries are under 100ml and I even got sweets to chew on the plane.  They know me well, too.


And I was given this – you know who you are:


A cork, to stop unfortunate incidents if I have an unhappy tummy and can’t find a toilet when I am away.  Um…thanks for that!

Well, two out of three isn’t bad :o)

And just because he is soooo cute, here’s Little Pea on his visit, first, doing a bit of work for me:


Then sitting in the cat basket while pulling on the huge call of string that was poking out of a drawer behind him:



It was a bit like having another Norman :o)

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4 Responses to Presents!

  1. tajack says:

    I love that worry eater. What a great gift!
    And Norman (I keep thinking of your cat as Popoy now – hah!) must be so jealous of the handsome Little Pea!

    • thepogblog says:

      The worry eater is brilliant, isn’t he?!
      And Norman (/ Popoy, ha ha!) gets so upset when Little Pea comes round he hides under my bed for the duration!

  2. Paula Harrington says:

    Ha! Love Biff. Ingenius! Have you stuffed him full yet?! xx

    • thepogblog says:

      I love him too! I am putting him on a diet until next week though so I can just get on with my to do list this weekend….then go into panic mode / testing his skills next week if I am not through the bulk of my list :o) x

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