Yoga excitement

I’m rather excited.  I’ve taken the day off work (my 16th this year) and this evening I will be at my first weekend yoga retreat.  Where am I going?  Somewhere exotic where I can feel the sun on my skin?  Erm, no.  I’m off whole 8.62 miles down the road to a big house where ‘extra jumpers’ have been suggested.

I probably didn’t need to take a whole day off work (especially as I have spent a few hours getting up to date with e-mails and still have to do a teleconference) but I thought it would be nice to start the relaxation a little early.

There have been a few blips in the preparation for this.  I booked a single room but was asked if I would mind sharing due to a mix up with room allocation.  Despite wanting to say the ‘right’ thing, I said that I really wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with a stranger (or even a friend come to that – I like my own space).  Unless of course the stranger was a lovely single man, in which case I could probably revise my views on personal space.  I’m not sure if it’s a direct result of this comment, but I now not only have my own room, but apparently I have been allocated my own building…

I’m also pretty sure that I am the least experienced going, so I bought myself a yoga dvd a few months ago with the intention of improving significantly before I get there.  The dvd is under a pile of stuff, still in its wrapping on my kitchen work bench, so that’s not gone to plan.  However, in this weeks class I did mange a ‘very good’ half inverse tortoise.  My crow was terrible though.  A useful thing to remember is that demonstrating to your friends how you can do a half inverse tortoise in a restaurant in London is not a great idea.  At least I was wearing trousers at the time.

Norman cat has picked up on the fact that I’m going somewhere.  He bought me in dinner of a naan bread last night to persuade me to stay and has sulked on top of the wardrobe all morning.  I’m a bit worried about actually getting my bag out as that is likely to upset him further, but I need to get organised.  It is a long drive, after all :o)

Thanks for that, Norman.

Thanks for that, Norman.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  That is assuming I can move – we have nine sessions between this evening and Sunday evening.  Usually two hours once a week is enough to make me achy for a few days. :o)

Me and my yoga socks.  They are magical.  Ok, they keep my feet warm, but that's pretty magical when you are part toad.

Me and my yoga socks. They are magical. Ok, they keep my feet warm, but that’s pretty magical when you are part toad.

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4 Responses to Yoga excitement

  1. lynnbashforth says:

    Have a fantastic time! Oh and well done for sticking to your single room stance – I am with you all the way on that, and you booked it after all. You’ll still have space for the lovely single man as well, if necessary ;-) Lx

  2. I hear that men like their women to be supple to you’re on to a winner :)

    Have an amazing amazing time lovely! I’m so very jealous – a weekend retreat with yoga and quietness sounds bliss! Look forward to hearing all about it when you’re back! The only thing I’m slightly worried about is that you’ll go home to find Norman sitting on the sofa in his undies, surrounded by half empty cartons of Indian takeaway…

    • thepogblog says:

      ha ha! I am very definately only a beginner at this!
      You would love it. 5 hours in and I am trying to work out how I could do this on a regular basis. I already ache though…
      I do hope you are wrong about Norman, but I wouldn’t put it past him :o) x

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