A remedy for….something

Yesterday I coughed into the ear of a colleague almost consistently for half an hour.  To set the scene a little more accurately, the colleague in question was in America and we were on a teleconference, so it wasn’t quite as bad as it sounds – but it clearly annoyed her as much as me.  Soon after the meeting she kindly sent me an e-mail saying:

 Home remedy for cough:  It tastes a bit nasty but it works wonders –add ginger, honey, turmeric ( 1/3 teaspoon) to boiling water and drink away.

You can put two/three spoons of honey ( it just makes this concoction bearable), ginger (a small chunk about half an inch will do), 1/3 teaspoon of turmeric( otherwise it gets very strong- both color and taste wise)


Queen of Home Remedies  :o)

I thanked her, told her if I died it was up to her to explain to people and got the response:

My tip also comes with a Surgeon General’s warning: try at your own risk.
:o) Feel better

So today I discovered I had everything needed in my cupboard and thought I should try it out.  I was fed up with the cough and I was really touched that someone I’ve never met and only spoken to a handful of times would take the time to try to help me.  It wasn’t like I’d really die…

…I nearly died.  It does work, I admit.  But only in the sense that you stop breathing for what feels like a good 10 minutes so you can’t cough.  And then you can’t move for a few hours for fear of being sick. 

Actually, I think it has helped a bit.  If I did it again, it would probably help more, but I really can’t face it.  I may never be able to eat anything containing turmeric again.  Or even look at anything that colour.  I think it’s safe to say that this remedy may help, but it does come with a good dose of trauma! :o)

prettier than a picture of the evil remedy

prettier than a picture of the evil remedy


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