Ithaca post 5 – triathlon and a donkey

Today I did a triathlon. Pog style.
First, I climbed up a mountain to a beautiful church (ok, we drove part way but mum and I climbed the last, hardest part).
Second, I swum and snorkelled with the fishies (not too taxing, but I did have a leaky mask).
And third, I cycled with some courgettes and peppers in my ruck sack to, what I thought was, a hungry donkey I had spotted on my travels yesterday and promised I would return to with nice food. It turns out donkeys don’t like courgettes. Or peppers. So much for being hungry. I have bought him an apple tonight and will go back tomorrow to see if that is more to his taste… Only first I will be climbing over a small mountain at 5.30am with mum as she wants to watch the sun rise and then go to her favourite beach before it gets too hot. Still, it will be a nice change from my usual Monday morning commute :o)

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2 Responses to Ithaca post 5 – triathlon and a donkey

  1. Frances says:

    Sounds amazing! maybe just stay and work remotely from now on although we would miss you of course.

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