Ithaca post 4 – creatures of sea and land

On our first day here I did a rather daft thing. I booked myself on a day out on a boat involving lots of swimming and snorkeling. This was daft as I:
1 – get sea sick
2 – HATE being covered in dry salt for more than 2 minutes (I have been known to take 6 bottles of tap water to the beach if a shower is not available)
3 – am scared of putting my head in the water so have never tried to snorkel with any success.

Today was a revelation though…with the help of sea sickness tablets I conquered all three and have swum with fishies, starfish and an octopus! It was amazing and I just wish I had tried harder before.

I decided I could never eat fish again, but found myself ordering them for dinner. I made myself feel better by sharing what I had with the local cats. But it seems that whatever god of animals there might be was not pleased…and a cat peed in my bag at the taverna :(

It serves me right – I probably ate the cousin of one the fish I swam with earlier. I will have to have another go at snorkelling tomorrow and go and apologise to the remaining fish. And hope like hell I have managed to wash the smell of cat pee from my bag, purse, camera case and cardigan! :o)

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