Introducing: Little Pea!

On Wednesday night, my very talented Sister 1 gave birth to my very first nephew – Little Pea.

He is gorgeous.  But then I would say that.  So I thought rather than just bragging, I’d use this post to show you the differences between a large Auntie Pog and a Little Pea.

The hair (yes, he has considerably more than me)

LP 3

The feet (mine are awful…but his?  Just little lumps of gorgeousness)

LP 4

And my favourite: the hands  (Aren’t his just teeny tiny?!)

LP 2

Sorry, I think that may class as bragging after all – oops :o)

Congratulations to Sister 1 and my brother in law for their new arrival, to mum and dad for finally getting to be grandparents and to Sister 2, the other auntie (at least she will be unless she gives into temptation and eats Little Pea up on the grounds that is is that gorgeous!)  :o)

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