Happy Christmas, you lovely people!


I was going to write a proper post but I’m out of time…I’m due at Sister 1’s for nibbles and a drink in 20 minutes and I’ve still not finished wrapping or delivering (although I have managed to burn some truly appalling home made canapes to take with me.  Not that I imagine they will help my case much…).

I’ve had the best Christmas Eve – as well as the usual (a spot of Christmas TV, deliveries of presents etc) I spent the afternoon with Gorgeous Godson and family and was treated to a trombone solo from his brother and a very special panto (who knew that a dinosaur was such a key player in Cinderella…?)

spot the dinosaur

spot the dinosaur

So I’d better get on.  Have a wonderful time tomorrow, whatever you’re doing, and I hope Father Christmas brings what you asked for :o)


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