A Real Country Bumpkinsville Fair

On Saturday I was a stall holder with my poggyW goods at a local fair.  Not just any old fair though – no, an eco fair. To be honest, I wasn’t sure it would be worth the 6.30am start – it was six hours of sitting in a field and that’s a long time if you’re not busy.  Still, I dug out my thermal vest and socks (I drew the line at the long johns), and got on with it.

Well, it turns out that an Eco fair involves not only lovely stall holders (I had am amazing artist lady one side and a man who makes fantabulous jams and chutneys the other) but also bell ringing, maypole dancing, folk music (which somehow included ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ at one point) and morris dancers.  Down to the specifics though, this is what made it great for me:

  • There was a stand for teaching people about rehoming battery chickens.  It was run by un-feathered bods and Ros and Doris – two rescuees.  Doris was part chicken and part flamingo; she spends her time on one leg.  Ros it turns out is rather demanding when it comes to cuddles.  Chickens.  Who’d have thunk it?
  • The very friendly Rastafarian sheep who had been bottle raised.  Ok, they weren’t really Rastafarian, but they did have very cool dreadlocks.
  • The small, very fluffy dog being escorted by a rather well-to-do looking gentleman.  They had everyone giggling as the small fur ball had fluffy everything….including a fuchsia pink jumper.
  • And talking to people and finding out their stories.  One customer said she was buying something for her 4th great grandson….but she really didn’t look old enough.  I said as much and she told me she’d been married at 16 and so had her daughter.  In fact, her daughter met her husband to be on a Tuesday, got engaged on the Thursday and married on the Saturday. (He was in the Navy and leaving on the Monday).  And she’s still married to the same man.  How lovely is that?  ;o)

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