A few :o( and one big :oD

Someone said a while ago that reading my blog is a bit like reading my diary.  I think it’s probably more like reading the bits I’d write that (I hope) would make other people smile.  That’s why it’s been a little on the sparse side recently – I’ve had a rubbish few weeks and didn’t think I’d be able to spread any smiles.  I have a very slightly smiley version of events now though, so I’ll tell you about it all….

  • TTB has seen the light and dumped me.  By text.  With no real explanation and a complete refusal to see me.  This has not made me feel great.  On the positive side, I’m not spending anywhere near as much money on nice wine, food or going out.  (OK, that’s a pretty pathetic positive, but I’m still not very smiley on that one.)  I guess at some stage I will laugh at Mum’s ‘helpful’ comment that ‘at least you know you can get a man now’.  I wasn’t aware it had been in that much doubt…
  • I’ve been turned down for a job I could have done.  On the up side, it would have been difficult working for a very, very short man with very, very big short man issues, partly because I had to crouch slightly to make eye contact and partly because he had an interesting ‘I don’t ask people to do things, I tell them’ attitude.
  • I’m doing my normal job and covering a role more senior than mine which is leading to regular melt down moments.  Positively, I have discovered that I have some really lovely colleagues (particularly the one who talked me down from a bout of near hysteria the other day) and I have learned a good lesson:  If you’re going to do a 15 – 16 hour day be really careful who you send a rather ‘assertive’ e-mail to at 12.30am.  The top 20 or so managers in the company probably isn’t a good idea (it wasn’t intentional – I used the wrong distribution list).
  • I lost my mobile phone where I hold the only copy of everyone’s numbers that I’ve collecting for years.  On the upside I’ve had a bit of a much needed spring clean – there were people in there whose names I couldn’t put faces to.
  • I had to give a presentation to 80 or so colleagues.  I hate giving presentations but it was only 4 minutes so my cunning plan was to show a video for 3 minutes and 50 seconds.  I should have known that the technical gremlins would play their usual tricks and two minutes before I was due to start I was told that the video wouldn’t play.  I was in such a panic I sounded rather like Minnie Mouse on speed when I talked through the notes I’d written as back up but not actually looked at….
  • And less disastrous, but adding to the pile, my gutter fell down (upside: a lovely neighbour turned up with tools and put it back on for me) and I have a new pet in the form of a mouse which I think, based on the flashing lights a whirring last night, is currently eating it’s way through my wiring.  A humane trap is now in place in the hope that will catch him before Norman does.

So there you go…I do have some really smiley news though.  While I’ve been writing this, I’ve been told I’m allowed to shout from the rooftops that Sister 1 is pregnant and that I will be an auntie in about 6 months time :oD

baby pea


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