Lunch with a smile :o)

Yesterday was a bit different.  One of a team I worked in a few years back is leaving the company so we organised a lunch.  Nothing much different about that except for the fact that it was such a lovely team, we met from offices across London and in one case, a different company altogether to go out.  And we got there via the cable car across the Thames!

The cable car was…high!  On such a lovely clear day it was amazing how far you could see although it was a little toasty in the goldfish bowl.  It was also amazing that one of the ten of us knew that we were going in a cable car, but hadn’t thought about the fact she’s not terribly keen on heights… My right knee will recover in time though.  I guess.

spot the olympic stadium!

That was one of the best teams I’ve ever worked in – a lovely, supportive bunch who respected each other, drove each other bonkers and still took the um…micky…out of each other. (And to my lovely friend from the other side of the pond who reads this, and the missing one of ‘the girls’ we missed you ;o)  ) 

I have a great team now too.  One of them sent this out to us all yesterday.  I just thought you might like to take a look.  You can’t possibly lose anything by being grateful after all, and it might make us all a happier bunch :o)

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2 Responses to Lunch with a smile :o)

  1. Jeanne says:

    and my day was made today…. :)

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