I do NOT ‘ove’ oysters!

I had a fantabulous weekend.  I went to Whitstable with TTB, meandered around shops, had fish and chips on the beach, had the biggest ice cream ever and actually got some sun! (I also had my pants filled with pebbles while daydreaming in my own little world, but I paid him back by covering his face in pebbles when he dozed off.  We have such a mature relationship.)

The down side of the day was when I decided it would be the done thing to try an oyster.  It seems that it’s not a good idea to do something just so that you can tick it off the list.  TTB bravely ate all his (although he did turn an interesting shade of green).  I got mine in my mouth, bit it (we were told to as they were too big to swallow in one) and spat everything out before I actually threw up.  On the up side, I did provide entertainment to an elderly couple walking past who giggled as me a lot and enquired if I’d ‘made a bit of a mistake, love?’ 

How anyone enjoys eating those things is a mystery.  And why they are supposed to be an aphrodisiac is just weird.  We both spent the next hour doing our best to rid our mouths of the fishy taste…and no doubt, the fishy smell that accompanied it.  Yum….

Today I discovered TTB had left me a present he’d got while we were out:


Not being the romantic sort, I was very chuffed…until he pointed out that the ‘L’ has been removed.  Of course it had – he ‘doesn’t do the L word’.  Ahh well, I can handle just being ‘oved’ :o)

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2 Responses to I do NOT ‘ove’ oysters!

  1. wingclipped says:

    Oysters – I’m with you!

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