A lovely break

I’ve not blogged in ages.  It’s because I have had a whole, luxurious 2 weeks and one day off work and it has been fantabulous.  I’ve done a few bits and pieces…the couple of more interesting bits I’ll tell you about later in the week, but just in case you think I may have had my feet up and been lazing rather than blogging, I have:

  • Cycled 110 miles (in total…not in one go)
  • Played assistant with re-felting the shed roof
  • Made a blanket from old shunken jumpers
  • Bought an embroidery machine 
  • Learned to use the embroidery machine

    tooth fairy pillows embroidered and made by me :o)

  • Taught Sister 2 to use the embroidery machine (!)
  • Made around 50 snoozey bunnies
  • Hand delivered 32 snoozey bunnies
  • Received one complaint that the snoozey bunny fur was ‘not the tone expected’
  • Caught up with friends I’ve not seen in too long
  • Been to a gig (I think it may have been my first!)
  • Had my third farmers market (and forgot one of the crates of stock.  There are only 5)
  • And met mum and dad’s tame robin

And the rest you’ll have to wait for.  But I think you’ll like :o)

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