It’s lovely having Sister 2 living opposite.  Except for when she goes to work, I work from home and Bertie, her Boxer dog objects to being left on his tod.  I thought he’d get a sore throat from barking for an hour, but apparently not.  I was ready to shoot him.  God knows what the closer neighbours wanted to do to him…  Luckily Sister 2 had left me her keys in case I fancied taking him for a stroll at lunch time.  Instead, I dog-napped him.

As you may have gathered before, Pog Towers is a teeny house and is quite full with me, Charlie and Norman.  Bertie loves Charlie and Norman, but the feeling is not mutual.  They moved out for the duration.

Then Bertie got to work.  In the space of six hours he:

  • Jumped on my bed with muddy paws  (I’d changed the sheets approximately two hours before his arrival)
  • Found my Celebrations tin that is full of bird seed. And emptied the lot over the kitchen floor …
  • Flooded the kitchen floor due to the distribution of two bowls of water
  • Ate the cat biscuits
  • Tried to steal the hot cross buns, bread and muffins (I like my carbs, ok?)
  • Ate a large portion of my hot water bottle
  • Repeatedly tried to empty the bin and the recycling bag
  • Chewed a bottle of fizzy water until it was pierced.  It was full (of course it was)
  • Slobbered
  • Farted

He is now back with Sister 2.  I hope he enjoyed his day out.  It was nice to have the company…just maybe it’s rather big company for Pog Towers :o)

Bertie having a quiet moment. Just the one...

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