power, broadband, light and…erm, wine.

I wrote last nights blog in the dark, in need of a cup of tea, 1.5 hours or so into a power cut, confident that things couldn’t get worse…

About 3 hours into the blackness, Sister 2 (my new neighbour) called to say that maybe we should go on a food hunt.  That way we could experience heat and light again too (oh the excitement!).  It takes a long time to leave the house when you are using one of these as a torch because you have lost the more standard battery powered version, as it goes out constantly…

It's one of those lighter-for-candle things

Eventually, we reached Tesco where we bought hot chicken, two tomatoes and a baguette (we know how to live…).  We then went to Sister 2’s house to make hot sandwiches by torch light, which we ate wearing coats, hats and scarves by the light of a candle.  To cut a long story short, the power was restored 4.5 hours after it had disappeared.  On the upside it meant that I could get showered and dressed in the light this morning.  (Apparently that made little difference to the proceedings though – I managed to drop my jumper down the toilet and only realised my dress was inside out as I was about to leave).

And of course, I was waiting for the new router to be delivered to the office today.  ‘By mid day’ I was told it would arrive.  It didn’t.  Three phone calls to BT and one to Parcel Force and it turned out that yawny man yesterday had, despite being insistent that it had to go to wherever I was, sent it to where I wasn’t.  My house.  So when I got off the train I had to do a 30 mile round trip in the car to the depot to pick it up.  Grrr.  BT will feel the wrath of a Pog tomorrow…

But let’s be positive.  I now have a working router so don’t feel like I am disconnected from life.  And I have light and heat and a cup of tea.  Actually, I don’t have a cup of tea….I have a HUGE glass of wine (well, it was one those days).  Tomorrow can’t be worse.  Can it?! :o)

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2 Responses to power, broadband, light and…erm, wine.

  1. Don’t remember the exact power cut but let’s hope there aren’t any this year. It might be useful to keep this to hand just in case……😀😺

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