Bah Humbug?

I don’t want to sound bah humbug, (I’m not sure you can really be bah humbug on 5th January) but what is with the Christmas lights?!

It was lovely in the run up to Christmas – I’m sure that there were more lights on houses and in gardens than usual and it did increase the festiveness.  But don’t they usually come down, if not before New Year, then straight after?  And they are still there.  ‘Merry Christmas’ flashed at me from a garage and I counted 4 lit up trees on the drive from the station tonight.  It’s confusing for a Pog of very tired brain at the end of the day – for a few seconds I had that ‘it’s nearly Christmas – I have time off work coming up’ happy bubble in my tummy.  Then it popped when I remember that I only went back to work 3 days ago.  Humph.

On the upside though, this does give me an excuse to show you the photo below that I took especially for the blog before Christmas and forgot to include it.  It is my favourite lights of this -sorry, last – year.  I think I was suspected of burglary (or at least ‘casing the joint’) when I took the photo – I was caught hovering at the end of the driveway, camera in hand by one of the occupants.  I had to look nonchalant, as though it was totally normal to wander around with a camera in the pitch black…

The things I do for you… ;o)

Purty lights!

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