Enter, the Milky Bar Kid!

Over the Christmas break I had a few moments of organisation.  This included getting my eyes tested.  It turns out that old age has set in and my eyes had got quite a lot worse.  Of course, as soon as I knew this, I got headaches the minute I sat in front on the laptop (although maybe that is just an allergy to work…) and was desperate for my new glasses.

‘I’ll keep the old ones as spares’ I said when I picked them up today.

‘Actually, it’s not worth it – your new ones are so much stronger that once you get used to them, the old ones will be pretty useless’ I was told.

I didn’t really believe them, but when I put them on, two things happened.  Firstly, my head tipped forward a little owing, I assume, to the extra weight involved in glasses that make you look much like the Milky Bar Kid (they are quite a bit thicker than the old pair). 

But then, the second thing happened.  I could see!  It’s fantabulous!  So I am embracing my Milky Bar self.  In fact, I have one in the cupboard, so that’s me sorted while I do a spot of making-ness this evening.  AND I’ll be able to see what I’m doing!  :o)

I can see every little toadstall now!

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