Pog Ponderings

These are some of the things I have pondered so far this week:

1)  If anyone else were to buy a dress a size too small, try it on ‘just to check’ and get stuck in it, would anyone else be stupid enough to try the same thing the next evening?  No?  Just me then…

A floss thing - just so you could see what I meant...

2)  If anyone else were to manage to get a flossing pick thing stuck between two back teeth, would they get into a sweaty panic while they tried to extract it at the same time as imagining a life with a small lump of plastic protruding from their mouth for the foreseeable future?  And when they did finally manage to remove it, would they try it again, straight away?  No?  Just me again then…

3) Is it a coincidence that I mention searches on the Pog blog and a few days later, this is one turns up?  (And on this one, no, definitely not me…!)

I have to admit though…it did make me laugh :o)

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