Are you concentrating?

As I’ve said before, I used to listen to Radio 1.  I went off it somewhat though when a dj mentioned INXS and then said ‘if you’ve not heard of INXS ask your parents who they were’.  It dawned on me then that I probably wasn’t their target audience.  So now I’m more Radio 4 than 1.  Only it involves a little more concentration.

I now get eased into waking up rather than screamed at.  My morning starts with the World Service, continues onto the news, and then the shipping forecast.  I start driving just in time to hear ‘Prayer for the Day’ (do they really get vicars in for those 2 minutes?  And do they wear their collars?), and then it’s Farming Today.  Then I am most of the way to the station, have started working out my work and meetings for the day and only get a few random bits, such as:

  • Beep, beep, beep…and the time is now 4am.  (This confuses me every morning at 5am.  It takes a good 10 seconds to remember that they’re on GMT and we’re on BST.)
  • How long it will be before anyone creates a test tube rhino remains to be seen
  • The lovely thing about finding an apple is that you can name it
  • Chickens have been known to suffer from hysteria
  • And then there is the shipping forecast.  One mention of Mull of Kintyre and I’m singing Christmas carols…

And if anyone caught more of the rhino / test tube programme, feel free to enlighten me!  :o)

nothing to do with the words, but I took this at the weekend and thought it was quite smiley :o)

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2 Responses to Are you concentrating?

  1. Tom w says:

    sadly I too have caught bits of the rhino story… although I’ve been on radio 4 since I was 15 much to the confusion of my uni friends! I suggest the world service website. more concerning is that I oft repeat info from farming today at work. which the bankers don’t get :)

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