A night out with The Girls

I think, I hope, last night was the start of a bit of a new era.  I went out with The Girls.  Not a herd of them, just two lovely friends who I really don’t see often enough.  Both are gorgeous, intelligent, single women who are happy with how things are and are generally having a great time.  A rare breed indeed.

We shared a bottle of wine (Pinot Grigio) a selection of Thai dishes (Phad Thai, Green chicken curry, a porky thing), our views on small children (best in small doses) and our thoughts on a varied selection of men (I’m not even going there).  Sex in the City has nothing on us (mainly because I’ve never watched an episode and only seen half a film so I’ve not really got a clue).

I think we also managed to scare other diners when we all ended up crying with laughter over a few stories (One being the conversation I recounted that my parents had recently.  We were at Sister 1s house and dad commented how warm her French Bulldog was:

A Morning Glory *snigger*

Dad: You could do with one in each pocket when you’re gardening to keep your hands warm

Mum:  I could just use a muff

Me: I don’t think you mean a muff

Sister 2:  That’s another word for your vagina mum

Dad (apparently oblivious): Yes, you could use a muff

Mum:  I wouldn’t get much gardening done if they were stuck up there though would I?)

 Anyway, The Girls and I drank, we ate, we talked, we laughed, we cried (with laughter) and we decided to go to Las Vegas next May…as you do.  And now it’s here in black and white Girls, so we’d better get planning!

I don’t spend enough time with girl friends.  I love the utter conviction girls have in each other.  You want to change jobs?  Go for it, you’ll be great.  You want to take a year off and travel around Australia?  Do it now!  Fancy flying to the moon this afternoon?  Really can’t see an issue with that… Last night made me realise how important time with friends is.  Thank you to The Girls for a great night and roll on May!


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